Africa Day playlist

New Music: Africa Day Playlist – 2016 Edition

Today is Africa day and Today’s Africa day playlist celebrates young African artist’s music.

Tracks by:

Avgang – War cry ( this track is from their epic EP, which is really dope and we planning on dropping it this friday)

Lyrical Novel Godly come up ( Lyrical Novel is working on his third mixtape)

Fizzay – Up down freestyle ( This dude was on a role back in 2014, he is planning on dropping a mixtape some time this year and he will be hosting the first all hip hop show in Cosmo city this friday (and the friday after that and the friday after that))

Posh – Lendlela ( this lady is super talented and has been featured on some major projects. Yal better watch out for her)

Nayplam Eskay – Quiet storm Freestyle ( This dude took a break from hip hop but is back with a bang, working on his new mixtape apparently. Apparently he is related to Fizzay, so clearly it runs in the family)

Just coline – Walk with me ( Alot of artists can relate to this track, you busy grinding and trying to find yourself as an artist but you got bills to pay and the world just won’t give you a break…)

PyroBeats – Dream ( this is off His “songs for your girl ” LP – which can be found here. Pyro Also produces for Posh and has produced for the likes of Kid X…)

Nasty C – Find my way ( This track really stood out for me from that Price City mixtape)

Earl P – Controlla ( This dude works really Hard and has been dropping a new track every thursday since march, don’t forget to check out his new track which is dropping tomorrow)

Nayplam Eskay – Shook ones freestyle (second track on this Africa day playlist)

Fizzay – Draft day freestyle (second track on this Africa day playlist)

  1. War Cry 031Avengers 5:01
  2. Godly Come Up Lyrical Novel 3:40
  3. Up Down (Freestyle) Fizzay 1:53
  4. Posh- Lendlela (prod by Pyrobeats) Vynal edit 7:29
  5. Naypalm Eskay - Quiet Storm Freestyle (Naypalm Edition) Naypalm Eskay 2:39
  6. justcolinm_colin-walk-with-me-prod-by-maandabeatz-colin 3:26
  7. Dream Pyrobeats ft Gordo n Wunda 4:01
  8. Find My Way Nasty_C 3:49
  9. Drake_Cotrolla(Earl P & Bunny Cover) Earl P & Bunny 3:02
  10. Naypalm Eskay - Shook Ones Freestyle (Naypalm Edition) Naypalm Eskay 3:27
  11. Draft Day (Freestyle) Fizzay 2:30

All of these tracks will be made available for download throughout the day. hope you enjoy our Africa Day Playlist….

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