Lil wayne

Congratulations to Lil Wayne for getting his key to the city

Lil Wayne was presented with a key to the city of Lafayette during his Tidal show at the university of Louisiana at Lafayette.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette concert was announced after its Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity won a charity contest by collecting almost 7,000 water bottles to donate to those who needed it down in flint, where a widespread tainted water crisis has been ongoing. More than 50 schools nationwide competed for the lil wayne Concert.

This is what lil wayne had to say about the feedback:

“It was so cool to see what college kids are up to—they did everything from setting up toy drives for Watts, distributing food to the less fortunate, organizing a bottled water drive for Flint, Michigan, raising awareness for various diseases, volunteering with schools & food banks and much more. It was truly inspiring! … I can’t wait to head over [to UL Lafayette] in April to thank these young individuals for all the work they put in to do some good for the needy.”

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