Dropping Knowledge – What ByLwansta said about the industry

The Dude ByLwansta Said “I don’t think the industry is looking out for independent artists. If the conversation doesn’t involve a label, it’s not taken seriously.”

Now lets take a look at that line.

Motif Records:

  • Reason – prior to Reason signing to Motif Records he had left the industry and got himself an eight to five. After signing to Motif records he then started popping.
  • Riky Rick – Just like Reason Riky Rick wasn’t really popping prior to being signed to Motif Records.

But the thing is Motif Records is an Indie Record label so with them its more about having the structure and a team pushing your content to the right people.

Nasty C:

  • Prior to signing to Mabala Noise Nasty C was making moves and I believe the industry took him seriously.
  • After Signing to Mabala Noise there hasn’t been a change in how the industry treats Nasty C. Yes given Nasty C has access to more funds and other resources.

It does take a lot more work for an indie artist to get more respect in the industry but the industry is opening up for Indie artists. We seeing more and more indie artists breaking out.

Lwansta also said ”

Being Independent is NOT a fucking synonym for “on the come up”.

Being independent has far too long been associated with an artist being on the come up, because you need to get the industry’s validation from a record label that’s just going to manufacture your come.

That’s legit what they do, manufacture your come up, why do you think 99% of artists ALWAYS switch up their sound after putting their signature on that contract?”

That statement is so true. The term “independent ” shouldn’t be used just for “come up artists”. It’s Bigger than that, There is more to being an independent artist than just being a new artist. The industry needs to stop thinking that Being Independent is being on the come up.


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