Dj Pain 1, major artists

Dropping Knowledge: DJ pain 1-major artists vs local Artist

Producing for major artists vs producing for local artists.

Are you chasing major placements with big label artists? Maybe you shouldn’t be…

In this video DJ Pain1 explains why you shouldn’t be chasing major placement. You should be creating the need for your own product by working with small artists and building them and enhancing your product instead of getting swallowed up by the industry.

Three producers who worked with up and coming artists until they made it:

  1. Gemini Major – gave Nasty C the “Juice back” beat way before Nasty C made it out
  2. DDS – worked with Dej loaf while she was on her come up
  3. Young chop – worked with Chief keef way before Sosa made it out.

So rather work with someone you can grow with as a producer.

Scope the video below for more:

This applies to everyone this includes singers, writers, producers, Dj’s and rappers…



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