Dropping Knowledge – Erykah Badu Aka Mam’Badu on Hot97

Ms Erykah Badu did an interview with old man Ebro and Peter Rosenberg.

It was a very interesting interview, Mam’Badu pulled through looking as Mam’Badu as she can. There is this energy that one gets from just listening to her talk. It seems like everything Mam’Badu says is golden. I mean the advice she gave those young ladies it was amazing. She truly is an inspiration to a lot of people. She is the mother of Hip Hop when you think about it.

She also goes in on her relationship with her Kid’s fathers. From how Andre 3 Stack checks Mam’Badu now and then, To how Jay is the overprotective one.

This is definitely a must see, Because we don’t get enough of these from OG’s like her.

so check out the interview below.

Oh and don’t forget to checkout the window seat music video here
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