Salaam remi

Dropping Knowledge – Salaam Remi on Hot97

Old man Ebro, Laura and Rosenberg set down with the legendary Salaam Remi. Salaam Spoke about his recent Projects with No Panty, Pronounced “no Punty”. For those of you who might not know anything about NO Panty, Its a group by three Latino Rappers( Bodega Bamz, Joell Ortiz & Nitty Scott). even though he was responsible for most of the Fugee hits it doesn’t seem like he will be working on the new Lauryn Hill album. It has been a while since Salaam and Lauryn made any new music together.

Unlike old man Ebro he is nicer to artists who are trying to make it out. So hit him up with your music.

Check out the interview below:

Check out No Panty’s music here
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