Mixtape Monday – #Bottombaby EP by Yung Swiss

#Bottombaby is an EP by the Davide Genaro Hitmaker, Yung Swiss. Before the EP some people thought that this dude was just a one hit wonder but after hearing this project thye should be convinced that he is going to be around for a while. The listeners get to hear how him and playground production got in touch.

Nigga that singed this dude used a Voice note to let him know he is interest. Man that really shows how things have changed in the music business.

Yung Swiss’ Hook game is on point and after hearing this Project we believe that Emtee might have some serious competition when it comes to creating create hooks and with his current catalogue he is already creating havoc on these streets.

We will be doing our review on this project in the near future, so be on the lookout for the review. Until then checkout the Ep.


Stream & download:
  1. The Other Side Yung Swiss 3:09
  2. Addicted (Feat. Astryd Brown) Yung Swiss 3:41
  3. Last Bullet Yung Swiss 3:30
  4. F.U.T.C Yung Swiss 4:52
  5. Jungle (Feat. K.O) Yung Swiss 4:27
  6. Where The Work At (Feat. Nadia Nakai) Yung Swiss 3:26
  7. I Know (Interlude) Yung Swiss 2:04
  8. The High Yung Swiss 4:10
  9. Mayo (Skit) Yung Swiss 2:46
  10. Money Yung Swiss 3:16
  11. Locked Up (Feat. Stanley Enow) Yung Swiss 3:50
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