Back to the city woes

During the week AKA announced that he won’t be performing at back to the city 2016 because he felt that they didn’t respect local artists and he won’t be playing the supporting role in his own country to B class international artists. He claims to be an international artist himself.

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Slikour reached out to Osmic to find out what’s going on and this is what osmic had to say

Back to the city also released a statement claiming that they tried their best and that they were willing to meet all of AKA’s demands.

Statement attached below:


“ Johannesburg, 13 April 2016. It is not in our nature to entertain social media rants, but we felt the need to speak out and shed clarity on this matter.

On 11 April 2016, Back To The City Festival organisers were perplexed when AKA took social media to announce his withdrawal from a festival which has always aimed to promote and empower the South African Hip Hop industry. This came after, communication AKA’s management about a campaign that would specifically highlight his performance feature by means of having extended time, a live band, special lighting effects, graphics display and fireworks.

This was unexpected, because we were actively in one-way communication to finalise the campaign plan, following the artist’s special request to hype his shit up. See below:



Keeping our Family Reunion theme in mind, there were other local acts that we have reached out to, with a similar goal.

Nevertheless, we understand the plight and support AKA’s stance, as our foundation is solely built on promoting and fighting for the recognition of South African Hip Hop. Our cumlative journey began over 16 years ago, with the creation of Ritual Magazine, Hellskitchen Mixtape, Ritual Stores, O.S.T Lounge, Back To The City Festival and the South African Hip Hop Awards. We have also had extensive involvement in The Bridge on YFM, The Platform on VOW FM, Just Hip Hop on Soweto TV, The new Rap Activity Jam on Metro FM, Hype Magazine, I SpeakHipHop, Aboveground ETV, just to name a few.

Back To The City Festival always takes place on Freedom Day, 27 April and has always been the preacher of unity and constant progression. Hence, inviting international artists to help us reflect the growth that South African

Hip Hop has experienced since the early 90s: today the culture stretches beyond borders.

As far as Back To The City Festival is concerned, there have never been opening acts nor closing acts, Hip Hop as whole has been the main act.

Our plans in terms of highlighting South African Hip Hop talent, remain unchanged and we are still open to continue the conversation with Vth Season about AKA’s performance.



They even dropped a track which can be streamed and downloaded below:

  1. Ace of spades - Train to the city 1:56


Download 247


I guess the train to the city is leaving without AKA, K.O and a few other artists. who knows they might be able to catch a taxi to the city of gold and get there just in time, you never know with these artists…








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