Best rapper alive

Word on the street: Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper alive

Is Kendrick Lamar the best rapper alive:

Is it safe to call Kendrick Lamar the best rapper alive? Or even the best rapper to have ever done it?

Truth be told he has the catalogue to be considered one of the best to have ever done it. The reason why people question B.I.G and 2 Pac’s place on the best hip hop artist list, is because they both died before could really peak. Kendrick Lamar hasn’t really reached his peak. He still has a lot left within him.

Lets take a look at his Official releases under a major record label.

Good Kid, M.A.A.D City was like watching a movie, the story telling on that album was amazing. The lyrical game on that album was phenomenal. Tracks such as Black boy fly, The Art of Peer pressure, Swimming Pool & Collect calls really showcased his story telling game. While tracks such as Backseat Freestyle and Money tree showcase his Lyrical game.

To Pimp a Butterfly is another dope album that had nothing but dope bars. Even though this album was a bit too real for me. It showed us that Kendrick Lamar could write about almost every situation. The track Mortal man sealed the deal for me. The level of artistry that Kendrick Lamar keeps displaying is nothing short of amazing and on that track, we see this. I Mean the conversation with him and Pac sounded dope.

And now we have Damn and to keep it 100 with yal this album is a classic. I’m going to reserve my comments for when the official review comes but after listening to it three times, this album is sounding like a classic.

Kendrick Lamar paints nothing but HD pictures with his rhymes. The mixtapes or releases under Top Dawg Entertainment were just as dope as his commercial releases. The Guy is full of nothing but talent, his pen game is most probably the best in the game. Yes, we have Eminem, Nas, J. Cole, Ab-soul and many other artist but those artists have fallen off as of lately. Apart from Eminem their last two projects have been missing something.

In conclusion, Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper right now and most probably top 5 best rappers to have ever done. The next few years will determine how far up the list he goes.

Side note: Peter Rosenberg was Kind right about Kendrick Lamar and truth be told I agree with him about Kendrick Lamar


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