White friday

MCPonline TV: Behind the N9ne (White friday) Documentary – Yo Gotti

For his new mixtape White Friday. Yo Gotti wanted to make sure his team would work in the best possible conditions. He also wanted camera crews following him around for nine days. Which is the length of time it would take to cut music. The result is a documentary series called “Behind the Nine”.

In this first episode we get to learn more about Yo Gotti’s team, from his Manager to A&R…

Yo Gotti has only been signed to Roc nation for about a week or two and is already doing big things. The work ethic is showing as of recently. Seems like Roc Nation really does bring out the best of it’s artist and we have is seen it in Meek, DJ Khaled and also the LOX who did exactly what Yo Gotti did a week earlier.

In conclusion this is a great idea and Yo Gotti is set to blow under Jay’s leadership.

Check out the Documentary below:
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