New music – Codeine by Phooshy L.Moore (formerly Known as Beazty)

Codeine by the Rapper formerly known as Beazty (He now goes by the name of Phooshy L.Moore) and its such a laid back and rather clean Track.

Phooshy’s flow is flawless on this track. The dude’s hook game is always nice and we see that on this track.

Phooshy is a co-founder of Page One1 records and the other co-founder is Lyrical Novel who dropped a fire Mixtape late last year.

My question is, Should we be expecting a Phooshy Mixtape this year? or maybe a joint Project by Phoosy and Lyrical Novel? Either way a project from Phooshy will be appreciated by the fans, Anyways check out the track Below:

Stream & Download Codeine: 

  1. Codeine [Prod. The RealAGE] Phooshy L.Moore 3:56



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