Spiritual sunday

Spiritual Sunday: Jackie hill-Perry

This week’s Spiritual Sunday is inspired by Jackie Hill-Perry

Jackie Hill-Perry is a writer and artist whose work has been featured on The Washington Times, Desiring God, The Gospel Coalition and other online publications. Since being saved from a lifestyle of homosexual sin and the like, Jackie has been compelled to share the light of gospel truth through poems that have reached over one million views on YouTube. She is signed to Humble Beast Records and released her debut album “The Art of Joy” in 2014. Jackie serves locally as Female Mentorship Coordinator at Grip Outreach for Youth. A non-profit organization loving Chicago’s fatherless teens. At home, she is known as wife to Preston and mommy to Eden…


Stream and Download this album:

  1. The Argument Jackie Hill Perry 1:47
  2. Educated Fool Jackie Hill Perry 3:24
  3. Better (feat. JGivens & Natalie Lauren) Jackie Hill Perry 4:00
  4. Miss Fearful Jackie Hill Perry 4:43
  5. The Solution (feat. Eshon Burgundy) Jackie Hill Perry 6:51
  6. Dead Preacher Jackie Hill Perry 3:40
  7. Get There Jackie Hill Perry 4:16
  8. Ode to Lauryn Jackie Hill Perry 4:36
  9. Suffering Servant Jackie Hill Perry 1:34
  10. The Art of Joy Jackie Hill Perry 3:27


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