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Word on the street: Kanye west sued by fans for lying

Kanye west is being sued by fans for lying about his album “TLOP”being a tidal exclusive.

kanye west basically said his album would only be on Tidal. The album was on Tidal for a month and a half before being made available on other sites. he did 9 Million streams in a week. that is 90 album purchases.

A few of his fans got mad for being lied to and filed a class lawsuit against Kanye west.

The guy heading the lawsuit is called Baker-Rhett and claims that had he known that Mr. West’s album would be available to streams through other platforms beside Tidal, particularly those that offer the album for free or one in which he already pays, he would not have downloaded the Tidal app…

The class action for:

  1. Violations of Cal. Bu. & Prof. Code 17500
  2. Violations of Cal. Bu. & Prof. Code 17200
  3. Fraudulent inducement, and
  4. unjust enrichment


seems like Jay-z company, S. Carter Enterprises,is being sued too.


I ain’t gonna lie if you thought kanye west was going to release solely through tidal, you need to check yourself. Kanye  is signed to def Jam. they call the shots, they may have let him release it through Tidal for a month but they need to also make some money. they ain’t about that life. That’s why it’s OK to pick a streaming platform and stick to it. these record labels need to make money so you know if it is on tidal its bound to be on Apple music and Spotify. don’t let these artist finesse you like that.


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